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Shin ArkAngel - 01

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Well its been a long time coming. This is Shin ArkAngel. My last animation using Flash MX, thank god...Forgive the dated looks.
I dont really have anything to say other than enjoy it and constuctive critism only please and I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Unoriginal to a fault!

It's nice to see you stupid anime fans are still pushing the boundaries of unoriginality to create AMAZING WONDERS like this that are completely bland, dull and clich├ęd to perfection...!

Throughout this steaming pile of tripe, I saw those planes and the characters called 'pilots', and I thought, "if those planes turn into giant robots, I am closing this thing and giving it a fat fucking zero."

Hey, guess what happened?

Future Nazis?

Okay.... Seen weirder. Anyway, I WAS going to say that you're obviously a fan of Eureka 7, but you aknowledged this, so.... Animation wasn't bad. I would have prefered voices, if only because it was too quiet. I have no issue with reading. I LIKE reading. Some of the effect you might want to work on, however. One last thing. Am I the ONLY one who realises the whole FLYING giant robot thing wouldn't work? Physics dictate that these things are too dense, and their shape makes it so that nearly 100 gallons of fuel, (assuming it's still liquid fuel) would be required to lift these things off the ground for only a few seconds. Neon Genesis, well, those are just to big. Gundam has a better idea, and having only seen Wing and Seed, Wing pretty muchhas the best idea usually for the movement capabilities of something of that size and shape. Hero even says at one point tha it's to big to fly. Oh great, there I go ranting again. For the record, I LOVE giant robots. I can suspend my disbelief for a while to see some giant robot lo the hell out of something. But yeah.... I hope I go my point across. I don't even remember it now....


Wow i love reviewers on here haha. I wonder how many of them actually draw or make flash of their own. Ah well they shall see whats to come we should send B.E.N to silence them


I do hope the folks at the Eureka 7 crew sue you for copyright infringement.

Original doesn't apply

There is an unwritten rule that applies when you use another's work as a base; you either stay true to the material and use the work for your own subset of events or you change it so drastically that though people can tell where the inspiration came from, the story itself has its own legs to stand on. Now this has neither, it is a blatant rip-off of Eureka 7 with a dash of Eva thrown in. Its not horrible, but you should work more on original designs.