My First Snowman

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A little girl builds a snowman.

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okay one

ahh... the good old-fashioned bully stomping the little kids sand castle story.... or in the case of this flash, stomping the snowman. a little bit short and not much to it, but it was still alright to watch.


^^Good Points^^
The drawings were half decent. Not bad drawings for people, they are rather hard to draw. Some good detail in the drawings too.

^^Needs Improving^^
Really a boring movie. The storyline was rather lame and uninspired, it seems. The animations were rather crude. Shape tweens look really bad in most situations, especially when they are on a large object like the snowman. Ending was kind of lame. An unclear message, and overall just a very uncreative storyline.

Very true

Gives a good message across. But not entertaining and was short. Graphics are alright but would be better if you made it longer. Perhaps a short story (but longer than that flash) or something to make it more worthwhile to watch.

I dont know...

I want this to pass judgement, but I think it would be much more likely to if the shape tween in it had worked propery. I know from experience how much of a bitch shape tweens are, so maybe animate the crushed snowman FBF?
Just a thought...


wow, that was short, but it was funny too, it made me laugh both the first and the second time I watched it