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Hungry Bugs

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Guide Hungry Bug around the maze and eat all the little grass whilst avoiding those nasty beetles. If you eat a Fruits, you can kill the beetles!. DailyFreeGames.com


Bugged, pardon the pun

Its just a flawed version of pacman. fix the speed of the beetles, throw in a few more corners in the basic level structure, and youll have yourself a mediocre pacman game.


the beetles are to fast to get away from

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It looks like pac-man

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++ Fairly polished graphics.

++ Different speeds for differing enemies.

-- Repetitive bgm loop.

-- No indication of when the berries will run out.

!!!!!! Rather than 'refuel' our beetle-eating capabilities, as we'd expect, eating a berry when one is already active does nothing but 'waste' that 2nd berry.

!!!!! Whilst playing, some bugs got stuck in the scenery. One walked straight through some obstacles.

!!!!! Often, the beetles get stick in an endless loop

Possibly the most annoying iteration/clone/copy of Pacman I've ever played. And I've played quite a few.

After seeing the splash-screen, I was expecting something a bit more polished. This just feels too random, and it's too easy to feel like deaths are a necessary part of trial and improvement or - even worse - that they're due to the RNG.

Do some more tweaking and playtesting.

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I've played this before

But then it was named Pacman

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2.70 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2006
3:18 AM EST
Skill - Collect