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Henry The Pirate Whale

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Author Comments

26 seconds of pure pirate fun!

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so funny
i like the dog at the end

More Pirate Fun

Make an hour please!


This video is a mixture of "lol" and "wtf" YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!


It's short. I like that.


Why would you tell somebody who is so much bigger than you and is armed with a sword that you hate them? If you get your fool head chopped off for it, I'd say you deserve what you get.

jackthetrippr responds:

Maybe you're looking into it a little too much mate. I spent 1/2 an hour making this flash.


I must say i almost crapped my pants laughing, cos it was that good.
Looking forward to seeing more of Henry the Pirate Whale, possibly in a Pirates of the Caribbean parody.