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JH Christmas Short

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It's Christmas time for Junior High and Josh is trying to put up the last star. A short and is only 41.2 seconds long!



that was an alright christmas short. a little bit random overall, but it was still okay for the holidays.


+ There were decent graphics in the flash, for most of the time it was well drawn.

+ Mildly humorous ending.

? Why did you do all of the random stretching-wide zooming-in? It looked not very pleasing to the eyes.

- Way too long introduction.

- I felt there were a few out of place sound-effects.

Good luck with future projects!

definetly not the greates

The graphics on this were actually ok. I gave a 4 because the manipulation of the (ie zooms) sucked. the graphics ended up skewed on even basic zooms.
Style is here substituted for effort.
Sound pissed me off because you could hear the mouse clicks of the start/stop of recording. Also, the laughter was very forced.
Violence, not much of it and slapstick at that.
Humour. man hit with tree =\.....

kinda funny

hahah it was intertaing keep up the good work the zomming than was wherd but coll style.

hey man, that could have been done better

heres a tip: when using a scripted camera, DONT shrink and stretch it, hold SHIFT when scaling it, other wise the image stretches.
it was not bad

bananas-for-sk8er responds:

thanks for the tip

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3.10 / 5.00

Dec 12, 2006
7:39 PM EST
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