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Mary Poppins Possessed II

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WARNING: Some scenes are graphic intense and may appear jumpy on some computers. If you experience trouble, please set quality to "medium" (see on right click menu).

This one took me a little longer than usual. I hope u enjoy.

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you picked the wrong bitch to mess with!

lol great movie thought the queen was funny but why was she in a pickup?

Hell Mary! :-)

They don't teach you to say -that- in Catholic school! Dayum! Loved it! The only thing I thought was kinda' odd is that the Queen apparently drives a red pickup truck. I wonder - is it a standard or an automatic? The merry old Queen of E shifting gears & chewin' terbacky - quite an image. Thanks for the hilarious short! :-)

Funkylikamonkey responds:

hehe, i was waiting for somone to notice the queens car. thanks for watching

Ha this was funny, did i see twins??

Yeah what's with the twins? they did nothing for this film, anyway, i liked it, had a nice twist with the queen, although she was slaughtered...

Funkylikamonkey responds:

The twins were just a reference to the shining put in there so i could use the "Here's Mary" line.


Wha should I say? It´s like 80% of newgrounds work...

1. Create some Characters
2. Think of a little something, that they can actually do.
3. Then, just for no reason...LET THEM FIGHT!
4. Add music of cool movies or whatever.
5. Let them fight again.
6. Let them fight over and over.

Hell, create cool dialogues or whatever, but for christs sake stop this endless fighting without sense!

Funkylikamonkey responds:

I'm sorry, but when you see a movie with the title: "Mary Poppins Possessed", Please dont expect William Shakespeare ok?

Ummmmm. . .

I think I have mixed feelings here, I like the fact the Poppin's was evil and all. I like the fact that the Queeny and Nanny met their "maker". I just could get into it either, at one point it was cool then it just kinda fell towards the ground then it picked itself back up only to fall again. I don't know if I really can give you anymore advice, um jolly good show? Whats with the Kill Bill music too!?! The ONLY one that can use that music is Kill Bill or a really really GOOD Kill Bill tribute. Do not disgrace the music of Legends with your .99 cent flash's

Funkylikamonkey responds:

This is not a .99 cent flash. And that music is used in about every action movie since the early 90s and is not reserved exclusivly for Kill Bill. Besides, I think it was pretty clear that that particular sequence was a ripoff of KILL BILL. Gosh you are so quick to notice the music but not the actual content! and graphics 5?

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Dec 11, 2006
3:53 PM EST