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Make No Mistake

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Took about a week. My first attempt at flash.

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Hee hee.
I saw you on the Loserville express, and thought I'd check you out. This flash was pretty fun.
Let's all make hats out of dead people!

"Would you call me wicked if I threw a brick at your nephew?"
Heh. Good stuff.

Uhhh, creepy...

I liked the graphical style. It helps with the creepiness of it all. The flashes of gore were a nice touch. It was kind of like a Salad Fingers episode... Needs some more movement though...

The sound was terrible thought. Too quiet and a little hard to understand...


underrated, it's currently +/- 5.00 and it's better than that.. I'd rate it 8/10. The animation wasn't good enough to make it 'good', but it was a pretty creepy flash and pretty sick too, like salad fingers. You need to work on his lips and make everything a bit more realistic, that would make its quality much better and people tend to give high scores to high quality drawings. Good luck!


make no mistake you're good at animation but that plot didn't fly with me, that kind of stuff only really works if you're with sick animation, you need to add the humour part into it cuz at the moment its just weird


I liked this. It was weird, but the art was done in a style I liked. The only thing I could suggest is to try and make his voice clearer somehow. It tooks some time before I was able to realise what this guy was saying.

Pretty cool. Keep this up.