HALO short : halo ween

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i know this is a bit l8 to have a halloween special but i thort its better than w8ting untill next year.

special thanks
* south park for the Butters amd the other lil kid lol

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10 stars!

i like it!

fish-orb responds:

Glad you like it.

Well.... I wouldn't say its all bad.

Im just going to adress the main points :)

A) I think your sprite animations were good, just, hike up the FPS a bit to make it smoother.

B) You need to have sound, you had a few moments of sound, but it was halfway in, and most people prolly have their sound off after checking for sound, so thats a big nono :(

C) Proofread it a bit, you had a few spelling mistakes

D) A few more improvements in dialogue, and a personal sense of touch would be nice, many people have done the South Park thing already =/

E) Keep all the buttons in one place, instead of moving them around, it was annoying

So not all bad, but mostly =/

fish-orb responds:

ye finaly some constructive critisisum not jsut its horrible lol

A) ye my FPS wos only 12 for this movie and woz only nearing compleesion where i realised this but couldnt be arsed redoing most of the tweens again.

B) sound is a major issue for the movie judging by the reviews

C) spelling mistakes again lol i tried to keep em down but oops next time i realy should script it in word first.

D) ye looking over it some of the dialog suked ass lol

E) lol oops

o be fair i just wanted to get it finished lol i mean tis alredy l8 enouth for halloween by the way i did spell halloween rong on purpose throughout the movie lol

Practice makes perfect?

Not bad(for a first flash or something), but check your spelling, and keep practicing.

fish-orb responds:

ok it wasnt my first flash but thansk for the advice

It could be better...

it was lacking sound ans other things...plus it didn't really have any movements could be better if you put your heart into it...not telling you what to do...but still it ain't bad but it ain't good

fish-orb responds:

thanks for the ***constructive*** critisisum i no parts realy sucked and espesulay towards the end it wo shit where i just wanted it finished

not bad infact i liked it ...

it was a good combineation of humor action, halo and south park :D

fish-orb responds:

glad you liked it

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Dec 10, 2006
12:15 PM EST
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