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Santa's Rubix

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Well after a month and a half or troubleless not-so-hard work, I've finished Santa's Rubix, complete with practice mode, how to play, top 10 high scores and 3D!! :P.

Firstly, remembmer these names as they worked hard to produce the awesome music you're about to experience:


Check their work out, they're talented and they will inspire you!


Santa's Rubix is a speed testing game in which you're given 3 minutes to make as many toys as possible, it is recommended that you go on practice mode first, just to get the hang of them!

It isn't too hard to get used to how to play as it only really involves the mouse.


A fair amount of testing and work went into the production of the graphics, the gameplay and the music so I feel that as well as the 3 people mentioned above earlier, I feel that the helpful community over at www.thehelper.net deserve much recognition for making it easier to get the game done with whilst they testing it for bugs and stuff.

All that's left to say really is enjoy the game, vote and review honestly, and merry (early) christmas.

(The original deadline was planned for Dec 18 - my birthday, but managed to finish early, and I'm helping with another project due the same day.)

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Worth playing :)

I enjoyed Santa's Rubix to an extent. It was fun, though I had troubles with the limb drawing part... Was too hard for me.

Anyways, the graphics were nice and music was cool. Only problem was that I couldn't load the highscores. I don't think that was the game's fault, though - Maybe my firewall blocks it from uploading or something.

A few suggestions, if it isn't too late, is that in Practise mode, when you finish a toy, it goes back to the Cube but on the first side. Keeping it on the side where you selected the toy you wanted to buidl would be better (if that made sense. Is very insignifigant, though).

Another thing I noticed was the toy that was a red shape that you got the pink soap-like thing, didn't have much clear instructions. I mean, none of them do... But for that one I took a guess and moved the pink this all over the red shape until something happened. :P

Overall, it wasn't outstanding but it was defiantly good.

Jindo responds:

Yeah some challenges are fairly buggy so they can be a pain ;).

Armor Bot (Highscore service) is down alot these days, they're improving alot so they're having to take the stuff down, which can lead to this occasionally.

That is fairly insignificant, plus I lost my copy of the fla to a reformat, so I can't do any changes sadly :(.

And along with the bugginess, this was very confusing for people xP, it was intended to be a sleigh that you were supposed to polish.

And I agree, I was in a rush to finish this, I'm surprised it turned out at all well xP.

Thanks for the epic review :D.

Not really my thing

I didn't really like it, kinda hard to work out what to do and limb drawing bit was annoying. Very well presented though, everything looked pretty cool. Also, its "rubik's cube" not "rubix cube" btw (which I can do twice in the 3 minutes this game gives :D)

Jindo responds:

Haha glad you didn't completely hate it xP.

And I'm used to spelling it as Rubix, but thanks for pointing that out (and good job on being able to beat those thintgs that quickly :O!)

Thanks for the review :)!

RNG, with the 2 tricky bastards

+++ Great main-game tune.

+++ Upbeat theme, of present-making.

++ Spangly stars

+ Fairly impressive transition animation.

+ Drawing and dragging provides some variation...

---------- RNG plays way too big a role in determining difficulty. Most games take 4-9s to complete (generally 5-7). Green dude and thing we need to buff take around 25s though. So success is mainly caused by the RNG not picking those games.
The difference between having to drag 2 pieces (mouse), drag 7 pieces or do the buffing/green man guantlet is too much.
Either have them all uniform difficulty, or ensure they come up an equal amount.
Also, when draggable pieces pop up, they sometimes come into existence already in place.

---- When drawing the limbs for the green figure, doing it or not seemed overly hit and miss.

---- Buffing game is too hard to work out. Everything else is fairly uniform, only requiring dragging or 'drawing'. In this game, I knew I must have to use the rubber-majigie somehow, and it was only after a while of waving it about, to see what it reacted with, that I noticed the slight change in brightness.
What's that thing meant to be, anyway?

--- The way the games are presented in the practice session, I thought there'd be 27. Disappointed to see so few.

-- The custom cursor seems a tiny bit silly when most the games centre around dragging.

!!!!!--- After playing a game, if we try to replay, it just takes us to the end screen, where we may resubmit our score (hence my two identical 300-something scores). So, if I was so inclined, could have submitted the same score 11 times, just for the sake of it.
Surprised no-one mentioned this and it wasn't spotted before submission. Has no-one else tried to replay it?

Played 3 times, got a score of 300-ish. Played a few times, quitting if I got the 2 difficult pieces too often. Eventually got 500-something, with the tricky bastards only appearing twice (once as I was finishing).

How many games are there? I saw 8. Mouse, Red soldier, train, jack-in-box, gameboy, pop-gun, green guy with hard-to-draw limbs, thing we buff.

It's good to see the microgame format changed around, with a focus on thematic consistency and the switcharound of no actual time limits (replaced by an overall one).

I did enjoy working out the gamerules after the buffing thing, but the difficulty being so affected by the RNG, with the 2 tricky bastards, just seems game-breaking to me.

Jindo responds:

Heh, awesome review :P.

The green dude was supposedly an elf, but yet it kinda messed up.

The arms and legs are really about which order you go (star closest to body first or star furthest from body first?), it's tricky, but you have to get both stars i the right order with no more of a delay than half a second (I didn't program to do that at all, that's pretty much how it turned out :P).

As for the buffer thingy, I was confused as to what you meant, until you referred to the pink thing (which I admit was way to basic for anyone to figure out), was a sponge and the end product was a sleigh (sp?).

There were no bugs on the file I finished, but I uploaded the wrong one and when I went back and uploaded the right one, some freak bugs that weren't there before start happening >_<.

Thanks for the incredible review >_<!


__The Good__
The graphics were excellent, the menu looked great and so did everything else. I liked the 3-D as well. The style was very good, original. The music was catchy and it fit well with the flash. The gameplay was very fun and addictive. I enjoyed playing this very much.

__The Bad__
It kinda lagged a bit for me.

__Over All__
A great game about making toys for Christmas. Nice job on this game, keep up the great work!

Jindo responds:

Nice review :).

Again, I know exactly where the lag is, and maybe changing some of it would fix this.

Thanks for the truly positive review, Merry (early) christmas :)!

Yay, 2nd and 3rd on the leader boards:)

I'm so proud=) That was really fun, I enjoyed playing it, but there were bugs. It lagged SO MUCH on the one where you draw the arms and legs and it says "Be quick." Really good, and I hope this gets a good score.

Jindo responds:

I know you from somewhere before, but can't remember where xD.

Yeah I think it lags because of the small animation when you touch the stars and they blur out, plus that part is generally annoying as the arms and legs get really thick before you actually move onto the next part.

I'm worried that it won't get a good score because of the bugs it began with, but fingers crossed, eh? :D

Thanks for the review :P.

Credits & Info

3.58 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2006
10:08 AM EST