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The Black Horizon Fight

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Author Comments

12/12/06** voice files have been tweaked and some have been slowed down for more understanding. ^_^

Reviews Reviews, we would like your reviews please. Even just to say hi it doesnt matter, we will say hi back. plus if you have an idea for the series, well put it in your review, you would problably get a mention for your idea in the credits.

Hi everyone.
This animation, is a combination of a series me and My friend were maiking up together, it has one big storyline through the whole series, but not storyline in the episodes themselves. anyways its combined a few of the characters from The Black Horizon(C) with the fighting style of that from the Final FantasyTM series.

We are planning to make more episodes like these, plus longer, more detailed and more features suck as (subtitle option, widescreen option, character bios) and so on.

So if you want to or you dont want us to make anymore of these things, then just write a review, and if you spot anything you want changed within the animation, then we'll update it as soon as possible.

SO yeah... happy voting.

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Well, to be honest with you.

I didnt LOVE the flash, but after watching the whole thing I realized it was a quality flash indeed.
I was smiling through the whole thing.
+ Funny.
+ Length: not too long, not too short.
+ Style: Original.
+ Graphics: Pretty darn good.
+ Sound: Professional. Rap at the end was what did it for me though :]
Good voice acting as well. And good use of music in there.
+ Layout of the whole thing.
+ Pants: I like vanilla ice cream.
+ Uhm.
+ I dunno.
+ Just not 5/5 quality. Although I didnt give you guys 5/5.
Much love <3

Lochie responds:

The rap was made in like 3 minutes flat. :P Just random sounds we made up on the spot. And some of Ultra-Samurais Guitaring.
You like vanilla icecream.. I don't remember that anywhere in the flash.

You have a point for your bad points. :P

Much love back <3

Haha, that song at the end..

That was funny m8's. Oh yeah, right: Hi! ^_^

I like to review silly movies like this, I gave it an overall 7. You need to invest in a quality microphone, because the sound really sucks right now. I liked the dialogue. Maybe more then 1 scene would work out, I could see u guys get a frontpager with good dialogue and more of story..
Not like the gaming thing, I don't even know the game you took this all from, Final fantasy??

I've been away from gaming to long.. :P

Lochie responds:

Yeah the song was fun to make.. Oh hi :P

The sound sucks because it was on low to keep the size of the flash low. thanks for saying we might get front page one day.
The game was Final Fantasy, yes.. I don't do gaming that much either, Ultra_samurai does it all and he mixes his ideas with mine, even knowing mine suck that much he must mix it with a game to make it sound good :P

Hope to see more reviews from you. Bye.

Loved it!

It was brilliant; smooth graphics and great animation. My only complaint is that the voices were abit fuzzy and it wasn't long.

Lochie responds:

Thanks for the comment. The voices where fuzzy because we had the quality of the sound set low a bit because it made the file size go down, it wasnt long because it was just a promotional type thing.

nice :)

Graphics were nice, animation pretty smooth, I found the voices were a bit hard to follow but the subtitles made up for that.
Good flash overall

Lochie responds:

Yeah, sorry bout the voices, frankly Ultra-Samurai is hard of hearing so he cant hear all that well, and Me well.. I just speak too fast sometimes.

Pretty good.

I was annoyed with the loading screen, and then overcome with joy when the sword flew and killed the annoying bitch. The movie was pretty cool, but it kinda points to a boring point in final fantasy games, where they tell you what to do and how to do it. I did like it, overall, but it left me wanting more of a story....I'll wait for the next few episodes :-P

Lochie responds:

lol, I knew people were going to get annoyed at adam at the start, so me and my friend decided to have a sword thrown at him. well, ill put you in the credits on the next ep on request of a story.

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Dec 10, 2006
3:01 AM EST