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Pootytang Adventures #030

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In his most daring role yet, Wade Fulp takes the silver screen as a super hero of epic proportions.

EDIT: I forgot about this flash. I can't believe it won review crew.

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quite something

improve on the graphics and audio...you have the potential to become a pro...

Unappealing except to a small few, I believe.

The flash consists of Wade Fulp's head pasted on top of Batman's body, the flashing words "Wade is the God Damned Batman" and "I luv u Waid <3", a picture of Batman and Robin kissing, and a Batmobile shaking from side to side. It is on an infinite loop and consists of just a couple of frames.

I didn't like it because I believe that it did not have much substance to it. More than anything else, it is an inside joke that required little effort to make compared to the majority of flashes on Newgrounds, and I seriously doubt that the humour translates well outside of a relatively small clique. As such, the submission is not really made for the wider Newgrounds audience, and because I am not a part of the intended group I am giving it the score that I feel it is worth.

In the future, I would recommend the creation of flashes which can be appreciated by a general audience. Some suggestions would be to improve your graphics, put some sound in, add length, and substantiate your thoughts to a greater extent.

JujubeLock responds:

You finally get it right on the 3rd try, bravo. I am glad that I manage to teach audiences how to properly review.

On a future note though, I would avoid reviewing the same flash over and over again after your review is deleted.

You know what?

You should have robin Tom.

JujubeLock responds:

I should.

Pootytang Adventures #030

congradulations on winning review crew pick

JujubeLock responds:


This was pretty cool

I can't say that it looks like there was too much time put into this, but the overall style is original and funny. I would recommend more animation next time and maybe something other than a loop.

JujubeLock responds:

cool, thanks