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Goth Lyfe 11: Emokid

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Author Comments

Hey everyone! Really sorry for the delay but here it is! Episode 11! This is the first episode of the new season! Don't worry we'll got a lot planned, the Goths aren't going anywhere for a while!
**New for the Series** Extended endings after the credits and no more "Goth Disclaimer" because if you haven't watched the first season, you shouldn't be here anyway. Ok well, you've waited long enough, go check it out and I'll try to have Episode 12 on ASAP!

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Misery always saves the day.

what the

emokids getting revenge on goths cuz hes diet pepsi XD
and his power is all like doing doing doing


wow emokid throw razor blade....


LIEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSS .............emos were not called mopey goths they were simply called pussies........dnt put them in the same boat as goths


by: eggandbaconable
date: January 26, 2011

"o.k this was pretty good but what the fuck i mean there (isn't) isent that much diffrence between goths and emos they both listen to heavy metal and they both wear black ya some emos do cut themsleves but not all of them and ive never seen an emo cry" (/Quote)

To be accurate goths have an alternative life style different from others expressing themselves Either through Music, Art, Dancing, and/or drugs sometimes all three.

(Fun Fact: Goths used to cut their arms before emo kids. These were know as "Mopey Goths")

Tight pants + Skinny Jeans + Rainbow + Gay Hair + Overreacting Sadness + Razors = Emo kids and/or Scene Kids.

That would be the most accurate difference between the two and Yes Scene kids and Emo kids are the same.

(And everybody cries something bad just has to happen first)


Goth lyfe funny cartoon.