Retro Pong

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My first game ever which I call "Retro Pong" I'll make a new version of this in time with some new songs and interactivities. Special thanks to solidbullet!!!

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could use some work but..

I like it, got that old pong feeling alright. Try making it go up in levels and increase in difficulty? oh, and you might wanna try to fix that glitch where it gets stuck between the wall and the paddle

liked it though


i love pong it whas fun wit the ball that were swithing colors.nice fro a first game.good work.

another pong game

there is an issue with the pong game where if you get the ball in the right spot behind the oposing pong paddle the bal seems to bounce uncontrollably for ever between the back and that paddle

It was most certainly pong.

Just another pong game, nothing too special. Pong is a rather common game to try and reinvent and I have seen people do an amazingly unique job of creating a new twist for pong. Unfortunantly there was nothing unique about your version, it was just simply another pong. Also it was easy and had at least a bug or two.

To make your game stand out you, at the very least, need a theme to create it around, the retro theme didn't really work for me, there was nothing very different about it. Aside from that you need to change the game play somehow (for example: I've seen a 3D version of pong). One idea is to create obsticles to make it harder (though I have seen this before too, only once though). There are many things you can do just try to be as original as possible.

Oh, and the music was good, I did like your music choice :)

Too Short

It was way too short and way too easy. Make different difficulties and make the games go to 9 or 11 or something. Try again

hollowbullet responds:


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2.95 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2006
8:03 PM EST
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