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Snake Classic

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Author Comments

You can change controls to keyboard from gameplay options menu.

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Game has Morton's fork controls: Mouse too close? Instant 270 into a delicious bite of snake meat! Mouse too far? No corner access for you! Switch to keyboard? You lose your unalienable right to move diagonally in a 3DOF Snake clone!
Almost as bad, it's cardinally unclear how much of your head is actually hitbox.

GameBalance responds:

That's because snake follows the mouse. So it's correct that it rotates when mouse is close to head, because it moves towards the mouse. Try to keep mouse still wih 0,1,2 and you will see that it just follows cursor. With 3 tails snake will bite tail. Hit box is a dot. Which makes things a bit easer. Speed can be changed in ->gameplay.
Not sure what you mean about corners. There is a frame around the game to have some area outside of the gameplay field. So all the corners are accessible.

Concept is strong, execution is almost perfect, but it's lacking in a few ways.

I think the layout is...clunky. You're thrust into everything, and the UI could use some considerable work done to make it more friendly. However, it's not a huge issue. I navigated around alright, it's just me throwing it out there for future submissions.

The biggest problem I have with this is the collision detection. I hate it. I would prefer the objects to be smaller, or for them to allow 100% of the object to collide with the snake. I end up running along the edges of the pieces and of my own snake 70% of the time. It's not a massive issue, hence the 4 stars, but it's annoying.

Otherwise, the game is responsive, the skins are entertaining, and the options are helpful and give it some added life in comparison to other snake games.

GameBalance responds:

thanks man. consider to check the game date tho ;)

its ok but on the mouse version when you collect a certain number the snake just turns around and goes into himself randomly. it is random because my mouse doesnt move when this happens.

GameBalance responds:

No. It's because snake run over the cursor. You have to keep cursor always away of head. It is not random and it is not bug. Snake goes after cursor, so it turns around because you did not moved it away of head.


Just have to repeat what many have mentioned already, its the best snake game i have seen until now and i have tried many, started getting addicted to snake games when I first saw it on Nokia. Endless fun with the Skin changing and the possibility to change the amount of food needed to finish during the levels. Also the amount of levels is amazing, just that sometimes one has the feeling that a higher level is somewhat easier than some level before. Also the possibility that you can save several games gives at a plus. Could there be something done Better? I doubt so, but if there would be a level editor it would be more than perfect.

To those mentioning that there should be Arrow controls, THERE ARE! If you guys can not READ then do not bother to even play the game.

And to those saying the snake should stop when the mouse stops, I can only say "Where would the fun and the challenge be then"? That is also part of the concept of the Snake game.

Once again, thx so much for this version of Snakes.

GameBalance responds:

Oh I m sorry. I lost source file long ago so I can't change download link :(
Thanks for review and you are pretty right, that's what the classic snakes are about - snake never stops!
Maybe in future I will make Snake Classic 2 )

good game

i give you a 9/10 because although the levels, skins, game play, and music were all very good, i would've liked to see maybe a few more levels.

GameBalance responds:

set 100 circles tail and 4 speed and you get hardcore mode!

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Dec 7, 2006
2:31 PM EST