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My Clay House Episode02

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You don't need to watch episode1, but i recommend it ;)

'My Clay House' is about a society of little clay people who live in my home, different factions live and own different areas of the home. Blue Bob (the star of the show) doesn't belong to any particular group, he's a freak, and some factions (namely 'The Clan') don't like that, but all Blue Bob wants to do is live in peace.

Thanks for all the great reviews, i hope you enjoy this one even more!

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this clay knows how 2 fight


Better and better dude, background music in this one I see. Good, good. 1 thing that you might want to fix is the voice speed its hilarious just how it is.. but just a little hard to understand at times.. Nice work anyway, I love it.


Good stuff man,Good stuff

The klay violence just keeps getting better and better and even more better then all the other times i said before!!!I've reviewed "my clay house ep1" now im gonna review all of them!

Expected briliance

From how good the first one was I knew I was in for amasement. I was not wrong, the only bit of constructive critisisum I could give you is that the camera was a tiny bit jittery. That is literaly the only thing that lowers this astounding peice of work, I just thought i'd bring it to your attention. (No awards? Are you kidding me!)

Phill64 responds:

Thanks for your recent reviews,

I hope you get the chance to take a look at the later episodes, i have that 'jittering' all sorted out now :)

No awards, yeah unfortunately, but that's ok i still get great reviews such as this ;)


getting even better

Nice work! This is even better than your first one, very good action sequences and voices. Keep em up