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TSSN: Day of the Ninja 06

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The Sandwich Shop Ninja: Day of the Ninja 2006 Special

It's December 5th! Happy Day of the Ninja!

The Sandwich Shop Ninja has to deal with customers on a daily basis. However, not all customers are pleasant to be around.

www. thesandwichshopninja.com


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Really? There's a day of the Ninja? Well, I've heard of Talk Like A Pirate Day at least. This was something, I guess. I guess it worked fine as something really quick. It just needed a lot more ninja. It just showed him hitting him with a sandwich.

When I saw SS I thought it was the Star Syndicate. This is still better than most of their flashes. The voice is pretty good. It just had little. I still like ninjas though.

slow ehh

its to slow i will have a bam XD nice 1

Great second episode.

I'm happy to see another episode of the Sandwich Shop Ninja and it has been improved a good deal though it was much shorter than the previous episode,i'm happy to see there is voice acting and the end was very funny as well,overall i liked this episode a whole lot more than the first episode though it was very short.

screw what everyone else says!

i'm giving you a 10 it doens matter that it short it was funny it got a point across. dont be a dick to the people who make your food !


people can say this review is useless but... the rating i have gave is still very generous, after watching the firsy episode i expected this on to have some storyline or something... like man this was just a really cheap laugh and it could be so gd and so funny if u put a lot more effort into the length, if the length wasnt an issue this would easily be a 10/10

MC-Booga responds:

I completely understand. Considering that I had made this in the time-span of five days so that I could have something up for the December 5th "Day of the Ninja" thing, it really is nothing more than a cheap laugh. The next one will actually be a longer episode, around 5 minutes in length.