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NGC Toon #3

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The third NGCtoon, we are getting more frequent!
toons from: Daj, radioactive24, skiek-sprite and swiftstylerx
menu made by yodd
Please watch all before voting. The link on the NGC button leads us to our temp site, the real one will be up soon, but you can still sign up!
-enjoy, and make sure to leave a review, we love them and always respond!

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los ultimo comentario es de 2006 y yo estoy comentando en el 2013


Glad to be part of another NGCtoon (my second in).

I am still debating the best one yet, I have so far narrowed it down to "2 and 3", still unsure.

Dajs part: after I fixed it, it was good, now centered XD

Rais: Fairly good art, bitey and BEDN (yays) also fat bird was cool as always.

swifts: good graphics, to bad it was that short, funny though

skiek's: im a scatman! need I say more?

Great job!

NGCTOONS responds:

<3 to yodd. JOIN THE NEXT FAG >:C


^^Good Points^^
Some of this was pretty decent. The graphics throughout each part were better than I can make, the best was definitely in rai24's and daj's parts of this. I liked rai24's part for including so many NG stuff, and skeik's was cool just because of the music.

^^Needs Improving^^
I wasn't really impressed by this collab. There was no theme to each part of this, so it feels like I'm just watching a few shorts. I was really disappointed with swift's part, since that was just too fast and wasn't that funny. Overall, disappointing.

NGCTOONS responds:

Thanks for the review, with few exceptions (IE christmas one thats coming) there is no real theme for these, just old toons jammed together.

Hope you like future ones more XD

(>O_o)> 8======D


Anyway, most collabs these days tend to suck and blow at the same times so I wasnt expecting much.
This was a rare exception.
Cute, silly and short.

The Bitey one had some bad animation, and the fat yellow farty bird thing was clearly traced. I dunno who the guy in the bush was. Just bad overall on that one.

Swiftie's was great. I wasnt expecting the guy to chainsaw himself IN TEH FAIC, and overall it was well drawn. So woo yay.

Skeik's was sprite animation. AKA the crappiest kind of animation around. However he gets props for using one of the greatest songs ever to escape the vocal cords of a human being and henceforth be recordificated onto a record. Sprites still suck though. Lern 2 draw.

Daj's was the best.
Simple, yes, but he/she/it/banana clearly understands physics, and how things move to look realistic while at the same time remaining cartoony. Special props for the liquid dripping onto the skull, for the amount of time it lasted on screen and being smooth, must have taken a good while to get that looking right.
Also well done on using Flash 8 blurs but not OVER-using them like so many people (mainly clock/locks). You used them in simple subtle ways that made this look a bit more professional.

So overall it was pretty good (except for the sprites).
Well done to all.
(((((((((((((((((((((((((((*_* )

NGCTOONS responds:

Thanks for the helpful review, we plan to start making better toons. Daj thanks you.

After I saw the penis and the kirby in the title, I knew it would be good XD

<3 OK!

You're all awesome dudes, I just can't help saying.

I'll probably jump in and work on a piece for like NGC 4 or 5!

Daj's FBF skills win.

Oh, one thing: The preloader... it goes halfway up the tank and suddenly completes so I can click the tank.

NGCTOONS responds:

I would be happy if you did a part for the next! PM yodd if you want details.

Preloader works for me, but me, its me!

Thanks for the review!