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Swarm 2

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A much-improved sequel to Swarm.

This game can run slow on older computers, it usually runs smoother if you set the quality to medium or low.

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This was just an okay game. I couldn't find that much that was appealing about it. It seemed like you just went after the same enemies over and over. I will say that I liked how it got one more on each level. I was afraid at first that it would multiply by two every level. The graphics aren't that good.

I also like how the tiles disappear. That really does make it harder. Going for the center is always a good strategy. I can see why this isn't that popular. It's just nothing noteworthy.


This is a good game with a great feel in it and it IS beatable, trust me. All you have to do it memorize the patterns and be a bit lucky, though it sucks that you are told to have cheated if you actually beat the last level.

This game is addicting enough to have me beat it and it's well worth the play.

Not enough thinking

Once you run out of room your in a constant continuum of death that you can't get out of. It was a very good idea though, don't get me wrong, but eventually the enemies just kill you instantly because theres just too many of them

Cool Game

It's alright, but gets repetitive. I got to lvl 11


way over exagerated game
wtf is up with that core thing? i only played to the first battle so i cant REALLY judge but it looks more like an FF spoof