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Pokemon Battle FBF

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Well i dont really HATE pokemon so i decided to make a pokemon vid for fun. For those who hate pokemon well, you can watch my other vids :D

K anyway i hope you enjoy this and leave a review. :)

P.S Drawing pokemon frame by frame is really tiring.

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mmmmm an intresting battle :)

You done a decent job with this, man I just don't why charizard and dragonite have a grudge against each other XD. A few things artwork needs a little fixing up, some more sfx to be added for better execution and impact. Well it was posted in 2006 so you get the benefit of the doubt.

A good standard flash

I have to disagree with, actually all of, your previous reviewers. I didn't think that the drawing where especially great. It was fair, but nothing more. It was too brushy (How odd huh?) and, even tho' I'm not a pokemon-fan, I know what that Charizard is drawn like, and I must say your version of the animal/poké-thing was a little off. You know, detail-wise.
The style is a 5, since I'm not really a pokemon fan.
Guess the humor is 3 because of the "Fuu fuu fuu"... Didn't know what that was, but a little funny nevertheless :P
Ehm... Violence speaks for itself. Not too bloody and kick-ass, but the whole thing is about big freaks fighting, so 5 there.

So it was pretty decent

thorax91 responds:

oh alright. thnx for the review. On a side note, you have to play the game to understand what the fufufu is about.


I loves Pokemon! They is te cooest! This flashes twas vrry guud! BE MUH FRIENDS!!!

I have to say poke mon is very gay.. but...

The animation for this was great... Even though i can understand why someone your age could possibly be intrested in "pokemon", it was still a great flash nice job!
Next time use your flash pwers for good not evil...=p

woohoo that was great

crazy cool haha
jeah, great work
and good animations with effects

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4.17 / 5.00

Dec 4, 2006
2:01 PM EST