Sprox the Furcone

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Score continuation fixed as well as music looping.

I'm working on fixing the score problem, its never happened before so right now I have no fricken' idea what's wrong.

What else can you do on a snow day then make a lame 3 hour flash game? Plenty. Yes, 3 hours, and yeah, it's not a platformer!!! ( this is very rare from me). Its pretty simple, not a serious game, you only get one life, but the game moves along quickly so it shouldn't be much a problem. The point on this game unlike my others is to actually get points! Have fun read the help page if, uh, you need help.

Music once again provided by CrimsonShadows and stole from some MegaMan game.


cool game

that was an interesting game you got here. it was a little bit simple though, but the gameplay was pretty good, it had a nice idea to this one, nice graphics and it was a very good way to kill off time. your efforts in this one were great too... added to the entertainment levels.

reminds me of a dream i had.

While the game itself is simple, the surreality of the graphic components and accompanying audio made this an ambient time waster. Smooth motion, well assembled; the scoreboard could use some style and this would look "professional". (enough to use as an advertising gimmick). The ability to choose the right audio is a gift.

Mildly entertaining.

It was pretty lame, but just enough to cure a quick hit of boredom. It got pretty boring after a while. It stayed super easy the entire time and really wasn't much of a challenge at all.

iameatingjam responds:

Sorry it was easy and boring, its hard appealing to people that suck at video games, and people who are good. You should have skipped to later levels, they're harder.


You were right it was lame, the most lame ever!

iameatingjam responds:

I stated it's lame, so why let me know. Something constructive would help. Such as explaining why my audio got 0/10, following that logic there would technically be no sound at all.

its good.i guess.dude yeah

its good, but i think when its game over, it should start from the level you lost, and not from the start again.its bad to start all again in the beggining of the flash.thats it

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3.09 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2006
6:57 PM EST
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