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I hope you´ll like it. It´s my best animation. Probably you have to wait 2 or 3 minuets to see the movie, because I am not so good in making preloaders, but hey I am a 13 years old boy. I am proud about my animation. I´ll be 14 in 7 days.^^ So pls yote 3-5. THX


Meh, alright

Well, the storyline was good... vague, but still good. The only let down was the way it was animated. It was a bit too fast paced and almost ruined any chance of us picking up a real storyline.

The other problem was obviously the sticks, if your going to make a stick animation it needs to be good. Sure, the violence was fine... but its just too similar to every other stick flash out there.

With your potential, we can see something good coming from you... but if you stick with stick animations, we might not.

Emi-Killer responds:

Yep...My newest animation is Warhammer5000.^^ I made it on one day. Fullbody animation...

old shit

ok listen man stick fighting is old as hell. Be more creative. There was like no humor, put some funny lines in there. Sorry...but im sick of this shit!!!!

"Die, mothafuka! Die, mothafuka! DIE!!!"

HA! I love that song! But that was the only thing I liked. Enough with the Stick fighter death-match 3000 bullshit and start being creative. No offence, but these things are only mildly amusing and geat old quick.

twas a great stick fight

nice, smooth animation. by the name i thought it would be kinda gay. but boy was i wrong. it was great. i fiven.


Awesome stick fight, loved the music. Very well put together.

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2.54 / 5.00

Dec 3, 2006
3:10 PM EST
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