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I respond to all reviews!

I'm back again with my sixth flash! This one dedicated to on of Newgrounds most talented audio artists; Bad-Man-Inc!

Bad-Man-Inc is a highly skilled audio artist right here on Newgrounds, dominating in the Heavy Metal category! Put a combination of your Metal, Newgrounds and Bad-Man-Inc knowledge to the test! I have made this as a sound quiz, so when you hear the music, click the name of it. Don't know Bad-Man-Inc? I have links to his music, cheat if you want! I can guarentee that if you like metal you'll love Bad-Man-Inc.



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A very neat fan art. Bad Man definitely deserves it! XD

Billy-Bean responds:

He does. Bad man fucking kicks ass.


Poor fool be Glowingstuff, forhe knows not of the awesomeness that is the Bad-Man-Incorporated. Shame. I got all the questions right!!! I feel accomplished.

Billy-Bean responds:

Lol grats for you duudddee. Keep it real. \m/

Er... ok??

It was some pretty cool music but i dont really know who bad man is or watever... sorry

Billy Bean kicks ass!

Hey good job Billy Bean...i hope your enjoying your cake right now. The quiz is wicket and i can't wait for "a merry team sunshine christmas" which i am glady doing a voice for. Bad-Man-Inc is an amazing online band and i can't wait to hear more music. ^.^


Billy-Bean responds:

Your bunny is deformed. :-(

~Billy Bean

I win!

HAHA, I found a glitch...
If you click the mouse over an answer, but hold the button down, it tells you the answer. If it says "wrong", you just move your mouse away from the box while still clicked down, and the let go of the button when the cursor isn't over any answer. You can do that on each answer till you find the right one! I got most of em right anyway, because BadMan is a fellow bad ass newgrounds metalhead!
Cool game, just needs that glitch to be fixed.

Billy-Bean responds:

Lol, I actually put that in deliberatly, for people who don't know who the hell Bad-Man is to know the names. Also notice how when you click and move away the song turns off? That's so that when they click and drag away it'll turn off, so even though they learn the song name, after they pass it they can go back, listen to the music, and try to get the right answer that way. :-P I made this flash moreso to get Bad-Mans name out, along with honoring his kickass music, of course. Nice for being the first to figure that out though, or at least the first to write about it. Thanks for the score and the review. :-)

~Billy Bean

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Dec 2, 2006
1:35 PM EST
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