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to change quality click the screen. the faster you move your mouse the bigger the squares. have fun playing it.


gigolo4ever, stfu.

that was ok. not great, but not horrible ;). pretty cool. squares rock, anyway.


wut the hell was the point of that shit it was gay as fuck and pointless so ya i recomend not playing this


Not well thought out

I just dont understand this game. Increasing the size of the square based on mouse speed was an interesting thing to throw in but provided minimal entertainment.

Still there are severall things that you could have added to make this somewhat interesting-

Different Shapes
Color Selection
Clear Button
Also the Sound needs alot of work- The sound it makes each time after a square is drawn could drive anyone crazy

Let me define a game

1. A game has rules
2. A game has a learning curve
3. A game has balance

So this is not a game.
And this should just go in an AS thread some where if you want people to see it.

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cool stuff

hyup..like the previous guy said..its more of a plaything rather than a game...but i liked the animation transition...good concept...try to add in more stuff...make it into a game or something...but this was really good!!!

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2.28 / 5.00

Dec 2, 2006
3:21 AM EST
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