The Real Kung Fu Pigeon

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hello, this is my second kung fu pigeon animation. it is to the song i dont feel like dancing by the scissor sisters, so if u dont like the song please remember to judge it fairly. And please watch my first movie, kung fu pigeon.

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U Need to work on ur graphics

The sound has nothing to do with the flash.... and its not good music.
u need to work on your graphics... it will take time.... to make something with awesome graphics (or just good graphics :P ) it takes a lot of time...
but its better than this =P.

some parts that i dont like its when the bird is on the air, and it has shadow .... and he walk on the air....
u need to do more realistic things.

i hope this help u
take care

That was really cool.

It may not be the sharpest animated thing here but that was really well executed. I liked it alot, at first it was just a little weird but eventually it got really really good. Good kung fu effects and the character is very charismatic just great well done. Awsome music background by the way

I absolutly LOVED IT!

When the pidgeon claps along with the song I absolutly cracked up. Keep up the good work.

coughing-dog responds:

hahaha thanks alot, my sister said the same thing

it was really good!

it was really good.and the selection of the song was awesome.that.
keep up the good work.that....

Good Movie

Good one it could have some better graphics but i liked it. Nice choice in song. :]

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3.91 / 5.00

Dec 1, 2006
8:13 PM EST