Speed Solitaire

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Simple card game – think again! You’ll need to be fast to beat this one!

The old, simple game of Solitaire has been given the Ikoncity treatment in this fast paced version of the popular card game. Play a card one rank lower and of a different color to build up the 7 main piles. Build up the suits in rank (starting with the Ace) on the 4 foundation piles (top right). Do this as quickly as possible for the best score.

If you don’t have anymore moves left just click the Take Score button to submit your score to the leaderboards.

Use the mouse to control all aspects of the game

Scoring: Points Based


Yeah, I knew this game was made by you. I don't really say how it's that different from other games. I do like how the designs are pretty authentic. I need a more basic understanding of the game. The sounds are pretty nice, I see. I'm kind of getting tired of seeing that menu.

Of course, it does tell you how to play and I at least tried this time. You just need to be more clear on positioning. I think a flash game should just have more to it. This doesn't seem to be that popular either. At least you know your fanbase.


Solataire would have been a hard game to make. Great work!



cool twist

sometimes solitaire is difficult enough if you don't have the rights cards in the right stop.... but a time limit? nice.... very nice! the game itself was pretty much a simple solitaire game, but the time limit gave this one a very big challenge.. it also made it very original as opposed to other solitaire games.
good work on it.


Keep up the good work man! :)

Good game

It's a good game I really liked it too bad I suck at solitarie but it was really cool...KEEP IT UP!!!!

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3.38 / 5.00

Nov 30, 2006
5:38 AM EST
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