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Xeno's Phoenix Wrong 5

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NOTE: I know about the horrendously horrible syncing, and I'm fixing it now.

Well, I'm back again with another Phoenix Wrong tribute. This one, I've labored for several weeks to bring you several new features, most of which include a play button, a REplay button, better syncronization and... well... come to think of it, that's about it. Enjoy.

Audio Credit:
Axel F. - The Crazy Frog Song
Hammer Fall - Templars of Steel (Chimpmunk Mix)
Blizzard - Radio Free Zerg
Blumchen - Huet Ist Mien Tag (My german is horrible, so if I misspelled this, sorry.)
Movie Clip - Full Metal Jacket
Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines - Radio Loop One
Styx - Domo Arigato (Mr. Roboto)
Hammer Fall - Templars of Steel (Chimpmunk Mix) and System of a Down - Psycho (Chimpmunk Mix)

About the two "Chimpmunk Mix" songs in there, a funny thing happened when I was pulling the songs from the CD's. When I got them off, everything had been accellerated by 100 percent, so the songs were half the length, but twice the speed. No, I will not send you the songs.

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Attention: grammar nazi!

It's spelled 'Heut ist mein Tag' wich translates into 'Today's my day'.
And don't worry, most germans german is horrible, too.
Because german is a horrible, horrible language to learn.




I love the german pop song but the sped up templars of steel actually doesnt sound that bad, sounds like its on speed but its fun to listen to lol


I LOVE THE SONG"Huet Ist Mien Tag" cause it's catchy and the hitler image of pheonix is too funny


Rofl at the Friggen Chicken commercial xD