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K. This was my first flash animation. No audio, no sound effects. It sucks, you'll love it. And if you've ever listened to voice answering machines, you'll get the joke.


I can relate, Sonik!

I feel just like you did @ the end, dude. I feel like that all of the time. The world moves so fast that it feels as though a nuclear explosion has gone off an wrecked the world that I knew, Mr. hedgehog. Btw, nice cartoon, buddy. not bad for a first attempt. When you are able to figure out how to include sound you will be better than Hanna Barbera. I count on it. They were the guys who did Scooby-Doo in case you did not know it. They did they Flintstones, too. Well, good job, Man. I really dug the movie. It rocked. Nice tits on the girl hedgehog, too! Sorry.


^^Good Points^^
A nice attempt for your first Flash animation. The animation wasn't too bad. You had some good effects like when Sonic was getting hit. Overall the animations were very good.

^^Needs Improving^^
This flash is in desperate need of some audio, especially sound effects. Without any sound at all I'm really more bored by this than anything. I honestly couldn't even hold out to see the ending this was so boring. Add some sound for a much better score. Your animating skills aren't bad.

not bad one

it was alright for a 1st animation. i think that this one was a little bit too short and really could've used some sort of audio, but it was alright to watch and your efforts were good.


I liked it the graphicts were cool espically th slapping part and the spinney kicking thing. So over all i liked it ..i just wish you would of added sound.


Sonic comedy os rare on newgrounds so its pretty cool to see anything like this, even if it doesn't have any sound!
Cool flash dude!

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2.27 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2006
4:59 PM EST
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