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- You Can Move Items

I Hope You Enjoyed DressUp -serie, I am making now some movies.


While I don't share the formers enthusiasm...

This was really good, even though the graphics were no where near top of the line, I liked it, alot for some reason. It is also nice to see a flash artist who is not to busy to respond to comments as well. Can't wait to see your "ground breaking" dress up 5 lol :-)

LegolasFIN responds:

Yeah i duno about DressUp 5, it was so good that the file size went over 60MB on .fla that means about 15MB on .swf! it would load 10 minutes and even the NG max size is 10MB

Youv'e made my day!!!

It's a great use to make a profile! Your'e a hero! Mate!
Because I used for an MSN avatar,

I thought that I was a little too mean when reviewing version 2 of yours!
After all, I used your DressUp4 for several things, like a web log post, MSN avatar, Fun-makin' =)

Newground is hard on calculation, and I belive you can either get Decent score or an Underdog! So get high 10 vote for it!

Really, this one is a good work!
On the next, it would be great if you'll polish the overall look of it to be smoother, It would be also great to put this on web-sites so people could make own avatars and characters out of it! A saving option would be neat, but many of us don't like complex coding! =)

You got 10 for it, so I hope that you'll be awarded or something!
Also wanted to be give the highest mark among the reviewers here, as I shocked to find that I voted lowest on Version 2... Well! By this step, we can all see the great differences!

All other users are free to compete with me for the stat of the highest voter on this Flash-Stuff!

Great job! =)

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LegolasFIN responds:

Thanck you alot :) Its ok if u reviewd in 2 bad, but i know it wasnt the good one the second so mutch boogies and all :D

i think you should put more options on there

i liked the gun... make more shit tho main....

LegolasFIN responds:

yeah i know but see this is only my first works that gets in NG :)

I guess its pretty good.

It was ok. Graphics could use some work, maybe a little more interactivity for a dress-up game, some more options, but other than that, its pretty good, I guess.

LegolasFIN responds:

Thanck you very mutch :)


A bit amateur. There are a lot of those games around and it's hard to make one that stands out.

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LegolasFIN responds:

Well there is none where u can choose AND move!

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3.76 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2006
12:45 PM EST
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