Combat Instinct

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A space shooter with 3 total different levels. Feel free to turn the high quality off because some parts are quite slow. Total file size 1.86 MB.

Broken preloader! rightclick and play whenever you think its ready.


this game is really difficult to play on a laptop

5 stars, hands down. Like the others, I agree that this was the first truly great game on NG. It didn't matter that very little made sense about the game. (Ballistic weapons in space? Ship-to-ship sniping? Akimbo uzi action when faced with enemy boarders? Yeah...) It didn't matter that McFretN stole audio from everywhere (Half-Life, KoRn, Underworld). It was a game and it KICKED ASS.

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Wow, I think this was the first truly great game on this website! I especially appreciate how it's just non stop action. Yeah, the graphics don't hold up well, but it's still great! You get a clear understanding of what you need to hit. I admit it's hard sometimes. I can't tell which part of the ship you shoot.

I thought I was staying in the same place the whole time. Instead, it was obvious I was moving around. That only makes it better! The sounds are pretty good too. I love early great stuff.

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I remember playing this YEAR ago! (Just like alot of other ppl) And if this game got a remake to a, more non-onrail shooter, it would be one of the best games i have played! 16 years ago! DAMN!

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Just remembered playing this game as a kid. Wow, 15 years ago and it's still a great game especially for its time. It would be incredible to see a remake of this and the other games in its trilogy.

Definitely one of the major influences of my budding love of sci-fi during my prepubescent years.


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3.43 / 5.00

Jul 15, 2000
9:21 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person