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Bohroks Vs Boxors 3

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Author Comments

Third Episode.

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Still good 8D

Heheh, better than the last. The Nui Rama was like the Krana, didn't exactly match but oh well. Was that Jala/Jaller(same matoran dif. name, i think) at the end? He's my favorite matoran so that just is awesome, can't wait to finish watching your whole series =D


not as good as i expected it....o well,i am a bionicle fan myself actually,but i'm gattin less active,cuz i'm probaly gettin 2 old fr toys,but i still read da comics,and sumtimes,da stupid post office sends it 2 a wrong address>=(,well,anyway i hav a lot 2 say u can improve on...da nui rama shouldn't dive down in such a awkward position like dat...make it swoop down,keepin its chest parralel 2 da ground a catch da matoran,adn thro in2 volcano,however,nui ramas usually take off their masks,instead of throwin them in.....

da boxors' arms came frm da top and attacked da gahlok....and boxors can't jump....unless they transform 2 their upright state.

didn't get 1 thing,i think da matoran is wearin a telekenisis krana
so das y da turaga was havn a mental seizure....but y did da matoran appear again in sum kinda container,or was it a suva or dat toa canister...then da krana fell 2 da ocean floor,i don't get it......and it doesn't seem 2 hav dat power....accordin 2 bionicle

better luck next time

Not bad!

Very simplistically animated, although the graphics themselves weren't half-bad. I can tell you spent a while searching for the range of sound effects, but some of them didn't really seem to fit as well as they could have. For the quality and size of the movie though, you did well.

Music, while official, wasn't the best choice. Also, without dialogue, it was fairly hard to tell what was going on, especially to a Bionicle noob like myself. However, not badly done, but not exactly a masterpiece either. A good effort! Well done.


PS: Just before the credits, it said "It still not the end." Grammatical clarity? Anyway, at the bottom of the credits screen it said "THE END..."


I haven't seen the previous two, but I've already got a great impression of you and BIONICLE flash movies! Keep this effort up!

Only one Gahlok though... I was hoping for a whole swarm of them, lol.

One thing: boost the framerate, k?

Pavlov responds:

Okay ;)

Credits & Info

3.25 / 5.00

Nov 29, 2006
12:01 AM EST