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Have you ever woundered what those stickmen that you draw on your school papers do when your away? Well this new series is about those funny little men that we love to use and abuse."Bonus" look for alternet ending button:) and please start this as a new series I promise more audio and speach later on.


c- can do better

Seriously its a good idea, but if you want a clue what to do with stick figures go to animator vs animation for a start!

Better execution is needed, work on the animation more, or try different doodles, not all of us draw stick figures...

Trying not to be rude but you have a start but need better content and graphics, that is all. (try to find something finnier than a stick figure falling through words)

hollowbullet responds:

Yes yes I know I will give them grenads and whatnot and I will add a crew, a neighborhood, friends, pets, TV for godsake, Toast for another, and more speech with better bodies.


This good be the greatest piece of advice you could recieve in your entire life, so look carefully.

Never draw another stick animation again. You could do so much better than doing some unfunny shit that just looks crap. You could really get somewhere if you commit to your drawings. Think about it. Life or sticks? The choice is yours....


hollowbullet responds:

.....?...???.... I don't think thats good advice telling me to improve on my drawing but not do them at all... I got a headache now....

reminds me of when i got bored in english class.

day dreaming is so fun sometimes. this was really cool
i could see you making one where a kid is listeng to a lecture of a teacher and than day dreams something like what the teacher is saying but all wacked out and stuff and then he falls asleep and then gets hit in the head with chalk.... too much info huh well anyway back to the review

loved every second of it even though it was a stick cartoon.

5 all the way.

hollowbullet responds:


Haha.. Bob..

Well it was a good laugh at the end. I liked the graphics of the clip. I hope you dont get this blammed. Keep up the good work.

hollowbullet responds:

thxs <) oh and don't forget to try and press the "alternat ending" button.

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Nov 27, 2006
11:51 PM EST
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