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Phoenix Wrong TND 2

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Author Comments

Yes, the style may not have changed, but there were way too many classic lines that weren't used in the previous episodes

By Popular Demand - The Track Listing:
1. "And now..." - Monty Python's Flying Circus
2. "Nervous" - Airplane
3. "You Bastard" - The Birdcage
4. "My God" - George Carlin
5. "Whatdayasay" - Happy Gilmore
6. "I Believe" - Bull Durham
7. "California Penal" - Major League
8. "Everybody Have Fun Tonight" - Wang Chung
9. "I Was Born to Love You" - Caddy Shack
10. "Sex on TV" - Monty Python's Flying Circus

I'd like to thank everyone for watching and voting for me. And for those who just had to rip on what I did, shouldn't you be playing "World of Warcraft" and letting the whole world pass you by?

Added 12-13-07:
I'd like to thank oracle32 for posting 3 or 4 of the TND series on YouTube.com. 'Course they're not as in sync as they are on here so I make sure you watch 'em there too.

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Funny stuff!

You believe in God?
You believe in God?
You believe in MY God?


This one started off great and kept me laughing the whole way through. :D


Can't stop laughing! You ROCK Dude!

Great Work!

Just great work!
Keep it up!