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Phoenix Wrong TND 1

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Yes, the style may not have changed, but there were way too many classic lines that weren't used in the previous episodes.

By Popular Demand - The Track Listing:
1. The Infamous THX sound
2. "The Dumbest Thing I Ever Heard" - Lewis Black
3. "Then She Farted" - Stephen Lynch
4. "Indespensible" - Top Secret
5. "Kansas City Faggots" - Blazing Saddles
6. "Serious Shit" - Back To The Future
7. "Tremendous Slouch" - Caddyshack
8. "Three Up and Three Down" - Good Morning Vitnam
9. "Every Sperm Is Sacred" - Monty Python's Meaning of Life
10. "Sell Crazy Someplace Else" - As Good As It Gets

I'd like to thank everyone for watching and voting for me. And for those who just had to rip on what I did, shouldn't you be playing "World of Warcraft" and letting the whole world pass you by?

Added 12-13-07:
I'd like to thank oracle32 for posting 3 or 4 of the TND series on YouTube.com. 'Course they're not as in sync as they are on here so I make sure you watch 'em there too.

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this is the most 2006 thing I have ever seen

then you farted.

I said that!

One of the best Phoenix Wrongs I've ever seen.

But then it farted.

Serious Shit!

I love the scene from Back to the future! It's so funny!


One of the many parodiwas of PW which i like