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Playing Field 2

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EDIT: My website is now up and running. ;)

This is the sequel to God's Playing Field. I began work on it in May, with better programming skills and art than I had when I made the original. There's still no point, but there IS a high-score, so you can brag to your friends about how many internet stick people you killed.

Summary: Hack into other universes and cause unimaginable chaos and destruction!

Instructions: There are 6 locations, enemies, and attacks, which you unlock after proving yourself worthy of them. It's pretty simple to understand. :)

Sponsored by Crazy Monkey Games (Thanks CMG!)

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When a stick figure dies, it makes the K-Fee Scream sound

What song was that?

This game is pretty awesome like the original but it is even shorter, has no nukes, and with no ending. I also wish that it either continued over from the original or had crossed over with the original story you made for this rather than just make a stand alone. You still did a great job nonetheless.

the first version was much better, here you automatically get everything instead of buying it through points at your will. gameplay lasts 2 and a half bad minutes before its over...

i like the old one