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Ok Please vote Fairly i spent a while making this and only leave a review if its constructive somewhat.
Also i will make more if this passes.

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i think its, good, why not?

well, i think its good,i personally think its ptretty goiod, so, i hope it stas.however, some important improvements must made.first, make a back button except of a next, i mean i wanted to see the previous page and i had to restart the whole animation to see it again from the begginning.so add a previous button, so you dont have to go over and over on the flkash movie rto see what was in previous...secondly, make a tutorial, with more subjects to talk about like tweening, or things that you like to explain to people.however, if you dont like adding new subjects,its good, but i think your movie would be more interesting if it had more subjects.also, add some music, you need to make your tutorial a more friendly tutoriall,like a more friendly!dont make it so faceless, it mekes it also boring.so, add some music, do not be very boring.and some colour would be nice.sorry if i get to your nerves, but i think you are good and you should improve your movie, if you want it to be popular.that.1

MrblueSky responds:

Ok I just wanted to say that review right there was awesome,I Think that you give a lovely opinion and great advice,
I did make a back button on my latest one and i was just not seeing that people might want to go back.
Thank you Christ the stick2 you made my day.

Not bad

This can be a little help to those having problems, or to first timers.

You're missing a back button though, in case someone misses something.

Otherwise, good job.

Good Tutorial.

This was a neat tutorial. Clean graphics.
I personally found the sound pretty ennerving though.

Not much to say more than good work.

Good tutorial that works.

I believe that this is a good work. It does exactly what it was meant to do. Teach someone a little bit more about Flash. And as someone who isn't too good at flash, that's a nice thing.


The instructions were very unclear, and unless this is meant for intemidiate flash makers, some people will have no idea what you are talking about. Of course I've never really made good flash, so I couldn't really understand, but I could pretty much tell that the instructions were somewhat confusing. Also, maybe you should add some background music? The layout was pretty nice though. 2/5