Short 2 - Test

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woo, after few years of absence from animating, I'm back with... this short. I just made this to test how far my ability of animating took a nose dive, and test out new features (check out that panning and zooming!), and playable rewind that plays backward with the same frame rate as the movie. anyhow, I just uploaded this from the whim of mine, to see how it would judge, I am open to comments, just keep it productive so i can improve upon it. I really don't if this get blammed or not lol. til next time (which may be in few years again haha).


Wtf was the point...

... yes wtf was the point only to show a stickman shooting less than a clip and one rifle grenade??? i am so giving this entry vote for 1 point. This flashclip (if you can call it) makes watching 1920's mute films a pleasant hobby. Though Graphs werent bad

RainingBullets responds:

i totally agree with you, there is no point in this flash! i mean, it is just a test to see how far my animating skill took a nose dive after years of non animation. and i say, it took a pretty deep dive indeed lol. but hey, its not blammed yet, that must be a good sign XD


Pretty good, I like for somehow

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1.93 / 5.00

Nov 27, 2006
12:57 AM EST
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