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Make all forms like a ball, and get your logix !

Have fun !



^^Good Points^^
A good idea for a game, puzzle games are too few on NG, so good job on trying to get a good one on here. Could be a good game with some improvements.

^^Needs Improving^^
The game has lots of flaws in it. For one, being able to enter and exit the board without consequence makes the game very simple, also, no penalty for going over the same block more than a few times. You could add that into this and perhaps make some type of penalty for going inside and out of the board.

It's ok

It's quite good don't get me wrong but there are 2 bugs which I have found.
1) You can go in diagonals
2) You can go around the edge and come back in at any angle.

I suggest you use something where you can only use arrow keys to move.

Needs work.

The game is just too easy. Consider putting in a time limit or number-of-changes limit, then it might be harder.

Cheating is even easier than the last guy said

Just right click and move to the block you want to change then release right click. None of the other ones will change exept the one you want to. Anyways, good job making the most cheatable game on newgrounds.

Too easy.

Very nice idea, butit is too easy to CHEATin this game, just moving the mouse out of the game area or using alt-tab for task switching. You should do something about it.

The music loop is very boring.

Graphics are above the mediocre level.

Still like this game. Gave 3.

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2.73 / 5.00

Nov 26, 2006
10:49 AM EST
Puzzles - Other