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'TRIS 1.1 [tetris remake]

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Author Comments

Hi! this is my first game for newgrounds, so please be kind in your voting! I haven't spent that long on it, but i think the end result was pretty cool. :) I made this nearly all in actionscript and it was quite hard to make, i hope you'll enjoy it!

**edit: on reading reviews i decided to edit my original game and edit it heavily. As not many people saw original im sure not many people will care to look it up and see what I've done to it. When voting please consider the complexity and difficulty of making a game like tetris in flash.
I have re-done many of the visual stuff and tried to make the game harder/faster. i ope i achieved this, please review! :D

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Nothing new

First to make it better do the below: Make it so when you press up it goes down completely, make a trace outline of where its going to land, make it more smooth. Add secret levels, but anyways cool game, infact mabye i should do these idea's.

TomGamer91 responds:

hm.. not bad but that'd be a remake of tetris DS. smooth? :/ nahh ;D retro ftw! im not really sure how i'd implement secret levels? I mean if this were a platformer...

good for you but...

tetris has been remade too much for newgrounds ive seen 3 this week.its just about as good as any other tetris remake nothing to special but you forgot to add the thing that shows what pieces will come up next. umm ill give you a 2 good luck i guess. ps maybe make some different shapes that werent in the actual game, something to make your work more original.

TomGamer91 responds:

Fair point, but prehaps you'd like the new version better, there is MUCH difference. And the thing showing what will come up next, would be hard for me to put in as the choice of which piece coming next is decided at random when the piece before it is placed down. The different shapes idea is a good one, but im lazy today :P. I can only hope that the modifications that i've made might make it a little more 'me'
Thanks for your comments.

Tetris rulez =)

Kickass game, but add some color to the background next time.

TomGamer91 responds:

Done! :) something to makethe game a little harder, distract the player a bit :D

It's Lacking

When you remake a game you should improve upon it. All you did here was downgrade the graphics. Try and add something more to the game, perhaps adding different graphics, music, and gamestyles.

TomGamer91 responds:

fair enough :) but 'downgrade' graphics?
it wasn't in colour then? :P how's that for a graphics upgrade? x) thanks, i'll be updating the graphics soon enough.

Way to Glitchy

This is way too glitchy i am reely good at tetris but the controls are to slow and sometimes they don't even work but nice try though

TomGamer91 responds:

If your going to say a games too glitchy, it would be helpful to say what the glitch was perhaps?

Credits & Info

3.92 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2006
4:07 PM EST