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Random Comic - episode 9

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This is my favourite episode. We spent quite a time putting this one together but I think it payed off, it's quite pretty and quite funny especially once it gets going.
The song is Ashamed by Muse.
And thanks for the consistant stream of positive feedback on our work, it's all very heartwarming and insightful.
Vote, View, Review! Enjoy.

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this one is probably the best...

i know i've said that before, but surely this one is the greatest! especially the super mario bruddahz! lol!


Man, I love this series, although I didnt like this one as much as the others. Great voice acting though.

jonwash responds:

Thanks, that's fair enough.
I'm sure my cast are flattered.


w-w-w-wiggity wiggity whack.

Good art work.

Lucky Charms is always geting made fun of you could of gone with.
Captain Crunch that cerial always decase the teeth and cuts my mouth palet of my mouth. None-the-less it was really good I would like to see you make another one in the future soon.

P.S. Remeber you can always use the same characters, like the series of Family Guy and how they always curate problems that hapen but some how return to normal the next episode.

jonwash responds:

I chose lucky charms becuase here in England they're illegal because of their sugar content. I really miss them. We also don't get Captain Crunch here I don't think.

There will be another one next week of course.

Where was the turtle?

Nice work. I asume that the dog not moving his mouth was on purpose and not because you're lazy. Anywho I think I need to watch more stuff from you...

jonwash responds:

It was on purpose at first becuase I didn't know how. Now we've decided to just save it for the next series.
And yes, yes you do.