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Hey all, I felt like making a drum-machine thing, so i made one. this is just a beta so people can comment and tell me if it's worth bothering to make a good version of. So far the ideas (if i decide to make another based on your comments) i've got are, more channels and the ability to change what you have on each channel.

Any more ideas?



thats y its called beta....

flash-flood01 responds:

eyeah... ok

I loved the game

As a drummer myself the game was very nice
but.. it needs to hav afew things included to make it better
1) A start and stop button and a clear all boxes button
2)Include the first n 2nd tom to make it more realistic
Is it me or was the positioning of the notes wrong?
cos wad i learnt is the bass drum shuld b at the bottom..
Aniwae GREAT GAME i hope u will make a much better game out of it =)

flash-flood01 responds:

yeah man, i wasnt trying to make it as the notes are, its just a beta and yeah ill try make it look better and add more thing s with the new version. thanx for the input ;)


Great idea, its not complicated at all, and in the next version, id suggest just adding more sounds, and even though the rhythms good, id also say add more boxes to add a better variation of rhythm.

flash-flood01 responds:

thanx man, will do

thats a kickass ideal!!!!

u've got a good ideal, here are some things u should fix...

PROS: 1.Great ideal
2.good layout

CONS: 1.need to improve style
2.IMPROVE SOUND, get better drum sounds(ROCK) not the rap beat sound where it sounds like its looping

flash-flood01 responds:

yeah, thanx man, im gona upgrade the color and stuff, definately get different sounds and more of them. thanx again

it's a start

it needs to keep a beat. it also could use start and stop buttons and a way to control the tempo would be nice

flash-flood01 responds:

i reckon it keeps a pretty good beat, after all, its only a beta, ill do all the fiddly stuff wen i make the good version

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2.03 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2006
10:51 PM EST
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