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Battleship Flash Game

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**Update Oct 25, 2001**

Ok, I was looking at the code while fixing this up and realized I didn't make the hide menu thing an expression. Thats why it wasn't working before. Also, I put in the code that will tell you when you have sunk a ship and which one it is. So now you can't cheat (I don't know why you would want to in the first place) and you won't have to wonder if you sunk a ship yet or not so you don't have to waste shots. Thanks.

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#1 thing to not do
Don't use a 0 Millisecond auto clicker on this game with MAX volume.
My ears BUSTED

There was a small bug with it, but it's not game breaking as you can restart. When you start a 2nd game it'll tell you 3 ships are sunk from the start.

Overall another good puzzle based game from you, would be better if you could do it in multiplayer, but telling percentages is fine too.

"Almose there, keep trying! 30% to 39% Final score: 34%"

your ability to be competent without a spellchecker is almose there! Keep trying!

But where it REALLY REALLY fails is when you start a second game without refreshing the whole page and it tells you that you have already sunk all but one of the ships (the last one sunk in the first game). So not being able to be aware of the status any more (I won't know when I've sunk a given ship, and if I find 4 hits in a row that could actually be parts of 2 different ships), I decided to play under the increased challenge. This time instead of getting the job done in 41 guesses I took 48, which is only 29%. And now the message is:

"Well, atleast you don't suck to bad!"

Unlike the author apparently. He definitely sucks all the way to bad. I don't know whether I should laugh at this or despair.

The complaints of others that there isn't a computer guessing at your placement of battleships isn't really important. So you don't have a deadline of number of guesses to win in (it's an independent game, after all, it's like the insurance bet in blackjack, people assume it's actually some sort of insurance and not a completely separate side-bet on the dealer having a 10 under like it is - well the computer guessing where your ships are is also a separate game) but instead are trying to beat a previous percentage. That is not a problem in principle, it's still a deadline, just trying to get the most efficient run you can.

The problem is that it's a buggy game and as much effort was put into the use of the English language in the game, it's like a bad Japanese game translated into English. All your base are belong to 1.5 out of 5. Sloppy and lazy job all the way around.

Not bad. Why don`t you make battleship Solitaire Puzzle?


No enemy, no challenge, no fun, no sense... -> no stars.

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3.50 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2001
10:16 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature October 18, 2001