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London Will Not Fall

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Author Comments

Ok first things first, This looks alot better on a darker screen so you may wish to turn the brightness down.

This is my first 'proper' flash, it is short with no real plot other than to show the event of one night during the Blitz.


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Most of the WWII flash animations on Newgrounds are pretty crappy, but you know what, this flash had the BEST special effects on any WWII flash I have ever seen, and the Heinkels flying across the sky, and the searchlights, with the AA bursts, I gotta incorporate those affects into my upcoming flash, Anstieg der Luftwaffe. (Rise of theAirforce, in German). Anyway, awesome flash, A MUST SEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nemorensis responds:

wow glad you like it that much :)
thanks for a great review. :)
I'll look forward to seeing Anstieg der Luftwaffe.

Pretty good although the drawing needs some work

I liked it, the bombs dropping look very good and i enjoyed watching it. i felt the credits at the were a bit tacky though, i mean why give credit to robbie you could just pretend you already knew it, but hey thats just me! i liked the music and sound effects and that was probably the best part, needs a story line!


im abit stuck on what to say about this... it had its good points and its bad.
good = sound, the effects and the song carrying on throughout was good.
bad = graphics need some work, plus it just seemed to end, it needed some action from london like fighting back maybe... just and idea!

but a good basis for a flash!

Nemorensis responds:

Unfortunaly there wasn't alot London could do fight back (there was only searchlights and Ack Ack) but thats a cool idea! I'll think about that for next time! :)

First 'proper' flash? Pretty good, if you ask me

I imagine if computers of modern capability existed during WWII, and if there were flash programs, you might have seen something like this.

Like, I say, but not exactly the same. With the events fresh in the minds of the public, depression and deep animosity would've seen this as a grittier piece in its development.

That being said, the quality level would've been stepped up a notch. A lot of work went into this one, obviously (it's actually a serious and, in my opinion, important piece to be placed on this site) the artist sought to bring forward in the viewer's mind memories of what happened back then. Either through watching old news reels or documentaries on television or a chance encounter with a period film, people of today have little first-hand experience with the war, if any. It makes me wonder what people would think back then, if they saw this flash.

Especially in the case of soldiers. Particularly those soldiers given the responsibility of looking after London. How would they have reacted if they saw this? The message at the end, homage to those who fought and died and those civilians who suffered through the Blitz.

I admit I don't have a lot of experience on this site. I've only known about it in passing and became a member just to see what it's about and maybe to see what all you guys are doing with this flash animation. Much of it isn't worth the time wasted in its making.

But not this. I liked this. Maybe because I'm biased. I like history myself. To see someone else taking their time to put together a heartfelt piece like this, means something. It's not the best quality in the universe. But aside from those few issues, it speaks unspoken words.

And the choice of music added a slightly surreal twist. Reminded me of a particular level in a popular WWII themed video game, where you're sneaking through the streets of Paris, avoiding--or blasting--Nazi patrols...and hearing a record repeatedly played on a loudspeaker, the female singer obviously carrying on with a lighter mood, a distinctive counterpoint to the violence inundating every cranny of the bombed out infrastructure.

I liked the 'book ends'. When the flash begins, I saw a few cars and trucks passing along the street. Then the air raid sirens wail...
...By the end, things are quieting down, the sirens die off, near silence retakes the landscape. And I was brought back to that same street. A hobbled building works to remain steadfast in the far background. Then, as the quiet seems to send a message telling of how badly hurt the city is, one car appears. Then another. Things might be dire, but people aren't letting it stop them from living.

This piece is definitely better than average. I'm not certain that it even NEEDS a blatant plot. The plot's already there, hidden, subtle.

That's my interpretation.

Nemorensis responds:

Whoa! you've written me an esay! ok... cool! I'm glad you like it! you've got the message about the whole moral building thing perfect! thanks for a great review!

Sweet... Let's see more!

THAT WAS AWESOME!!!! Only thing you could work on was graphics... and they weren't all that bad!

Nemorensis responds:

wow, glad you like it that much! I'll deffinatly will have to make some more about the Blitz...

Credits & Info

3.00 / 5.00

Nov 21, 2006
3:38 PM EST