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DRequiem - Thanksgiving!

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Animation & Writer: IceSage
Co-Writer / Cat42 & Neko Character Concepts: Cat42

This is the special "Thanksgiving Spectacular" episode of Deities Requiem.

Ok, the backstory on why this is the "Thanksgiving" episode. Basically, this was going to be the entry for the Newgrounds Halloween contest... However, some issues came up and I wasn't able to finish it on time. Sean, the VA & character creator of Cat42, came up with the concept to just make it the "Thanksgiving Special." So... thus... that's what it is... But it's not.

Anyway... This is my 4th flash animation. The "graphics" and "animation" got a bit of an improvement compared to the others... However, many agree that Deities Requiem still sucks, and clogs up the INTERTUBES!

Enjoy, or whatever! Happy Thanksgiving!

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this is pretty funneh



i saw this years it was short, but this ones long and actually quite funny


I love this series, actually I'm fairly surprised it isn't more popular. Oh well, what can you do? My only crit is the sound, every once in a while you'd get a little fuzz or static. Try putting some sort of cloth or wind breaker over your mic if it doesn't alreay have one. Sometimes a sock (hopefully a clean one) will even work.

IceSage responds:

The reason for this was actually because I used to use a monitor mic, heavily modified in a sound editing program to try to clear the noise. This only for me of course, the one who voices IceSage. Most of the other characters in this episode were actually voiced by other people. (However, when he sent me the files, they were rather quiet and had to be boosted up.)
I'm working on a Holiday episode at the moment. It was suppose to be released on Christmas Day, but on that same very day, I got a drawing tablet as a gift, so I decided to redraw it with my new tablet. The next episode has a voice actor for each of the characters. Some of which have done professional work, or like to frequently voice act for flash animations and have a lot of practice at it. A couple of them, have just started voicing for animations, but the holiday episode should be a bit better soundwise. If not, then I apologize. Most of us use regular ol' microphones to record this, as it was never meant to be a serious project. You'll be amazed at what's in store for the "Holiday" episode, soon to come. It looks like a real animation this time around. (Instead of the "Paper Doll" style you've seen in the previous ones.)

Deities Requiem is basically a medium for me to practice my experience with flash, and to get my artistic skills, which I must say, haven't been used in quite some time... back "on the ball" again.

I'm glad you enjoy the series. Stick around, it'll get much better. Right now, it's not that popular because, I must say, it's not all that great to look at... It's also not that frequently updated and there's so few episodes of it, each one with a totally new style to it.

Anyway, thanks for your review! Keep checking the website (linked in my profile) for updates!

Nice One Man!

You're the saviour! You are one of a number of people who have helped keep this entry in the Portal!

Yeah, I'm the Saviour!! Nice flash man, it was really well drawn and well animated. The voices were well acted and it was a really awesome Thanksgiving special. But i just have one question, why is there a Halloween preloader at the start of it?

IceSage responds:

The... whole thing was Halloweenish, including the preloader. If you had read the "description" it says that this was meant to be in the NG Halloween Contest. However, I couldnt work on it until about now... So, it was the "thanksgiving" special.

Thanks for the review and votes, Saviour.

7 out of 10

Were there suppost to be humans?
cause it was stupid that everyone had long hair and it was blue or red. It was pretty good anyway.

IceSage responds:

No. They're Deities. Hence, "Deities Requiem."

Read the wiki on my site to read the backstory on the whole animation. You can find my site in my profile.

Also, have you ever seen any anime at all? They have a lot of blue and red hair in that, and they're suppose to be humans. =P

Thanks for the review!