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My second piece of work from my first piece "Run!!!" Hope you guys enjoy it for its thematic elements and satire.

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=Good Points=
A very sad flash I must say, but still a very powerful and amazing flash. The graphics weren't bad, animation was decent, and the sound was perfect for the movie. The basis of the flash was good, I also have to say I enjoy how you showed how/that she died and told us when. As silly as it sound it makes you understand better in how much pain the turtle would be in, but above all great work.

=Bad Points=
A decent flash, but the graphics could and should be a little more realistic/better designed. Maybe make the animation a little smoother then what it was, and you should have a better movie. But it was good either way.

solariseclipse responds:

Thanks. I'll be sure to make the graphics nicer and i'll up the frames per second to make it smoother. As for more realistic? I'm not a detailed person, but i'll try. THanks again for the comments.

Love + Struck = Lol... pun

First off, I loved it, it was pulling at the old heart strings, I wanted to find out what happened. BUT, she gets hit by lightning!!! Dude, make it something more emotional or something, oilslick, speed boat or something, at least make a statement about the environment or something... c'mon. But yeah, nice presentation, song fitted etc.


She gets hit by lightning, and he grieves for the rest of his life?? This is one of the worst movies ever!


~~The Good~~
Graphics/animation was good you have talent. Nice plot twist with the lighting bolt lol.

~~The Bad~~
Sound hate that song but thats my opinion. Need more substance.

I know it wasnt supposed to be a Box Office hit for flash so im giving you a 5 WTG!

poor turtle

That was definitely an unexpected twist. Pretty good, a little slow to follow the song, but I figure that was intended.

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3.71 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2006
11:11 PM EST
Comedy - Original