Bean Adventure

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Its an animation about a bean.

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lulz nice one. i shall vote 5 :D lol the been shot outta his arse lol

ShotgunFacelift responds:

Thanks :)


^^Good Points^^
An excellent movie! I really loved the sound effects that you used, like the screaming and such. The graphics were very well done. Great use of the fade effect. The storyline was really funny too. You definitely have a creative imagination to take the human body and turn it into such a funny little movie about a funny little bean. Excellent job.

^^Needs Improving^^
What does this do? Loop at some point? I've never seen a movie do that. If not you should not have repeated everything.

ShotgunFacelift responds:

thanks! i wanted it to loop cause i thought it would be a funny way to show that the bean has to make the journey over and over again. plus its even funnier to see him eat a shitty bean.


dude, you pwn at flash ~ Zeck

ShotgunFacelift responds:

Thanks alot!

Damn that was awesome!

I loved it!

ShotgunFacelift responds:


i luved it!

besides that, can you believe i was the 200th voter?! I'm a savior!

you're welcome ;)

ShotgunFacelift responds:

lol thanks alot :)