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well this is my first tutorial I hope you like it and it helps. Its for people new to flash who want to know how to make a simple run cycle.



At first when i saw that stick running I thought OW that just looks wierd. But then i went back and looked at it again for a while and its actually pretty acurate running. Nice tutorial but i think it should have slightly more frames for people who have there frame rate at like 30. I have mine at 28 and when i do like walking sticks its about 20 frames and it still goes fast. But this might not apply for running, I dont know.

Good tutorial, Nice set-up, Easy to understand!



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Short but Helpful.

REALLLLY SHORT but it did help me alittle. Thanks!

Tis okay

Nothing new, and the head is way too low for a run cycle , methinks just my opinion, needs to be longer, also , you had sound on/off sounds but no sounds were playing so...

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Good Layout, but...

...just needs to be longer and in more detail. Good start though.

MrSplat responds:

kk i understand that it should be longer but i just wanted to make it as simple and short as i could.
I remember when i first started out and when i was looking through some tutorials on newgrounds I saw that alot of them where to long and after a while I would get bored with them, Most people new to flash just wana get stuck in and learn how to animate so i thought it would be best to make a short and straight to the point flash without big long explanations and loads of flashing text and things jumping around the screen. As long as it helps a few people out then am happy.
Thanx 2 everyone who reviewed this. :D

That's it?

That seemed to be shorter than I expected. The layout of this is pretty good. The fonts and colors seem cool. It's just a little too short. That's all. Good job, and I hope you release more tutorials with this kind of style.

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1.98 / 5.00

Nov 20, 2006
4:49 PM EST
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