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Squirrel Harvest - TSF

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Pick as many acorns as possible using mouse to move up and down and release the claw by clicking anywhere on the stage. Watch out for the caterpillars and collect watches for extra time.

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I am not a fun of endless score grinding and if I would choose to spend time to playing a game without any other goal then surpassing a score it would be a very advanced game with cool gameplay and graphics and not something basic like this. A simple game must have an ending imho.


kinda suked

Oringinal, fairly addictive

The graphics were great on this one! Good art for the acorns, clocks, worms, and our furry little asian (lolwtf?) hero. The backround was good too, and it fit the theme. Nice.

This game was addicting. I must have played it about 20 times before I finally stopped, all to beat my previous score. I finished with a 520. While it is mindlessly simple, it's still a good time-waster, a great game if you're bored. Good job on the gameplay.

Overall- good art and addictive gameplay made this a solid, enjoyable game!


First of all, why is the squirrel asian? You'd think there'd be a reason, or at least some kind of stronger concepts that run through the game...but no. This is basically the fishing game these people put out weeks ago, except horizontal.
Good job...


i did like this game one for the youngsters. maybe if you was to do a sequel there could be more things to grab such as bonus nuts or bigger nuts for better prizes. nice game.