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A66 Game

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I=flash(enemy's hp<5-10%,Make enemy collapsed and fainted£©
L/J+K=catch(When the enemy is collapsed and fainted of time£©
1=dart,2=gun,3=mitten,4=e nergy bar,5=A66 Cell

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Great game.

Wow great game, from the graphics to the gameplay, i didnt know what to do at first but it was great, very sharp and well detailed, nice job, maybe make more like other levels and such.

Fun game.


first screen

+++ Amusing character designs.

+++ Clean, nicely coloured graphics.

----- repetitive

--- Power up/power down system made little sense.

?? Some more enemy characters?

!!-- The replay/retry buttons don't work - I had to close and re-open the window to replay.

Played, got to boss and lost. Played again, and again died at the boss.

After the first screen of characters, then checking out the various weapons, it all seemed samey.


that cell kicks ass
i wont one


the reason i'm giving it an 8 overall is because it was surprisingly addictive. but very very fun.

Amazing game

The graphics are clean and so is the gameplay, The sound is interesting and it's slightly funny that it's a phone
Wow i can see this making the front page. Good Luck.