Chernobil Rabbits

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The Goal - destroy as much as possible rabbits-mutants.
There is a big arsenal of the weapon at the disposal: pneumatic pistol, fighting pistol, winchester, a machine gun. To choose the weapon is possible keys 1,2,3,4,5 or pressing icons. If money suffices you can be bought ammunition or chosen weapon pressing a space bar.

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I admit that I was quite confused by this. It just seemed like it was the same screen and you shot rabbits over and over. I don't understand what the point of this is that much. I do appreciate you trying to do something different with this. The rabbits actually do look fairly unique. I just wish it was easier to kill them.

The music is fairly good too. It just isn't that rewarding, because you're doing the same thing over and over. It gets too repetitive. They don't try to attack you or anything. If they did, you would be more motivated to kill them.

This is a fun shooter. The graphics are gooey and radioactive, the rabbits rabid and realistic, and the shooting itself is as simple as it gets. It all builds up a good game, a good time waster and target practice. Keep it going!


Good idea, extremely easy gameplay

I give this a 7 because it's a good idea, well set out and fun but it's not a 10 because it's only fun for a short time. The fourth gun makes it really easy which doesn't make it completely boring; it's still fun for a while, shooting mutant rabbits, but eventually, like life, you come to the realisation that you're not going anywhere, there's no end except death. So if you perhaps made it a rail shooter where you move to different locations or something and made it a lot less possible to shoot wildly and still make a uge profit in no time. Still, good game :)


This sucks shit.

Ok a first a battle rabbit review thats not good

Ok I am normaly a very kind review guy and all my reiveiws are constructive. The animation is great and color and flash quility is high as an artist I give you a 10. But the game is pointless glitchy and boring. Its a good idea and could be made super fun I meen zombie rabbits could be a riot. But it has no balance as soon as I figured out the mini gun could be used like a sniper rifle I could just shoot rabbits endlessly and never run out of money or ammo. I suck at games I meen I am bad but even I found this zero challange. I would be willing to help you along with developing this a bit the idea has merit.

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3.77 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2006
12:51 PM EST
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