LvBomb's cursor tutorial

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An easy to understand tut,for noobs and people who want to make their flash movies better.
(please submit this to the flash tutorials collection)

*I made the file smaller

*fixed the glitch problem
for the x-ray part!


not bad one

it was an alright tutorial. it had some very imformative points to it and a couple that i've seen before... but people will benefit from this one, that's for sure.

I'll definately use these tips for flash movies

This is a good flash for those who are not familiar with making flash before (looking at myself in mirror...).

Anyways, thanx for the tips, and I'm sure to use these in future flash movies...

Graphically ok, very informative.
Sounds are also ok.
Ideas on the cursors could do with a revamp though...

Things to do: nothing, just make sure that it goes onto the tuitorials...

GlueyMcGee responds:

Thanx and you can do anything as a cusor and uhh ill submit it to flash tuts.

There was no need for this to be 9MB?

Why make people wait for something that isn't that great!

The tutorials were fine and I think the music helped set the mood... but 9MB is just tooo big! The graphics weren't that good to justify the load time and music should be compressed.

You can get a very good sounding flash for less, and work on your graphics!

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Very glitchy, and code is not perfect

The code could use some work, and the x-ray cursor was glitchy. The music is okay, and made your submission better.

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GlueyMcGee responds:

the x-ray cursor i dunno why it does that but on my computer the actionscript works fine.

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Nov 11, 2006
10:50 AM EST
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